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Let Us Put You In the Seat | Looking to Maximize Your Harvest Window? Needing to Cleanup Your Balance Sheet? Wanting to Improve Your Cash Flow? Put Us to Work We Will Design a Combine Lease Package that Delivers a Better Harvest Experience.

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Save 12% on John Deere Oil & Filters with Our Fall PreSeason Special thru the end of this month. Nothing Works Better Than Genuine John Deere Oil & Filters. Your equipment and lubricants go hand in hand. Since John Deere manufactures both machines and lubricants, the best way to keep your investment in prime shape is by using only John Deere products, created specifically with your John Deere in mind.

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Looking to Upgrade Your Combine? Over 20 1 Season Old S700 Series Combines Returning. Our Best Selection of John Deere Combines Arriving Now. Give us call to put together a can't miss deal. Tired of those Nagging Repairs and Costly Downtime that You Battled in the 2018 Harvest. We Have the Answer.

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John Deere Gator How to Adjust Your Shocks

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Behind on Your Harvest? Try Our Exclusive Trade with Lease Back Program.

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John Deere ActiveYield™ system: Automatic yield calibration
Increased uptime with zero operator time spent calibrating the yield monitor system
Improved real-time decision-making as ActiveYield enhances the accuracy of the combine's yield data

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Take advantage of our September Special on John Deere Ripper Points. Save 10% now thru September 31 2018.

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We're looking for 4020 owners who are still making use of the iconic tractor and have stories to tell about it.  Be part of the 2020 John Deere Calendar.

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Come Make a Difference.

Looking for a place where your contribution matters?  We are a Classic John Deere Dealership where you will work with producers that we have worked with for multiple generations.  You contribution is recognized by our customers as  vital to their success in feeding the world.

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Looking for a Easy to Read Digital Readout on Your Auger Cart? Check out this ScaleTec Display From $840