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John Deere Oil and Filter Spring Special Save 12% for Entire Month of February 2017

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With the Easy Adjust row cleaners on ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge(TM) 5e equipped planters, operators now have a pneumatic solution to make on-the-go adjustments that is controlled directly from the seat of the cab.

Learn about the Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD) system for the MaxEmerge(TM) 5e and ExactEmerge(TM) row unit equipped planters from John Deere.

Learn how Pneumatic Closing Wheels can make a difference on your John Deere planter equipped with MaxEmerge(TM) 5e or ExactEmerge(TM) row units.

Understand the capabilities of the John Deere MaxEmerge(TM) 5e row unit. This electric drive row unit enables curve compensation and can be ordered with Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce, Pneumatic Closing Wheels and Easy Adjust Row Cleaners.

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Model year 2018 4 Series Self-Propelled Sprayer enhancements

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Want to Go to Cellular RTK in Illinois Using Your John Deere RTK Activation John Deere Display and John Deere Receiver? There are two types of RTK in the ag market today: Single baseline RTK and Cellular . The cellular solution is much more reliable and accurate when compared to single base RTK and is the primary choice for many farmers across the midwest.

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Get ready to plant next year and save big on the all-new John Deere ExactEmerge Retrofit Kit. Save 8% and 0% for 48 Months Starting @ Less than $50,000

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John Deere’s AutoTrac RowSense and AutoTrac Vision are expanding to additional models to improve the versatility of AutoTrac on 4730, 4830 and 4940 Series Sprayers in post-emerge applications.

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Increase Ground Clearance an Additional 5 Inches on Demand for the John Deere R Series Sprayer. Change from Stock Road Height to Lifted Field Mode

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New John Deere F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator Floater
Meet the new F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator floater with 30% better ride quality than the leading competitive 4-wheel machine according to test results. Discover how much extra comfort and ease of use translates into a boost in productivity. The higher-capacity 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) dry spinner spreader is capable of 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27.4 m) spread widths. That’s perfect for delivering higher volumes of N, P, K and lime in soils to replenish the soil. Spread N, P and K at rates from 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) an acre up to 1,100 lbs. (499 kg) an acre – and lime as high as 6,600 lbs. (2994 kg) an acre to fit specific needs.

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Worried About New Chemicals That Leave Residue in Your Poly Boom? Want to Change Your Spacing From 15" to 20"? We Got the Answer.

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John Deere 244k-II Wheel Loader for Rent Sale Lease from Cross Implement a John Deere Dealer in Minier Illinois, Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Missouri.