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Controller 300 Steering Kit - AutoTrac™ Back

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Focus more on job quality and less on steering with the AutoTrack 300 Steering Kit.
  • Focus more on job quality and less on steering
  • Keep original operator station ergonomics with a truly integrated experience
  • Reduce skips and overlaps even on machines without factory installed AutoTrac
  • Available on a wide variety of tractors, from utility tractors to articulated 4-wheel drives
  • Choose the level of accuracy that fits your needs – SF1, SF3, or RTK
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Increase in-field efficiency with the Generation 4 family of displays and the AutoTrac™ guidance system

AutoTrac provides you with a hands-free guidance solution helping to manage in-field efficiency and greatly reducing operator fatigue. AutoTrac assisted steering guides the machine with accuracy in a variety of field conditions, bringing the following advantages to your operation:

  • Increase your profitability by reducing overlaps and skips, leading to savings in fuel, equipment wear, and time.
  • Maintain the optimal working speed for your operation, enhancing machine performance and allowing you to cover more acres in a day.
  • Protect emerging crops by creating more consistently spaced rows and reducing the potential for crop damage with subsequent passes through the field.
  • Reduce soil compaction by using tramline management more effectively.
  • Improve your productivity by taking your focus off accurately steering the machine and allowing yourself to remain more alert in the field.
  • Extend your time in the field as AutoTrac allows you to confidently create evenly spaced rows past sunset and in rain, dust, or fog.
Use AutoTrac™ on even more machines without steering wheel modifications

Automated steering  is the first step for many producers on their precision ag journey. Some of the advantages include reduced operator fatigue, quicker job completion, and lower input costs. AutoTrac Controllers enable more producers to take advantage of the benefits of integrated John Deere AutoTrac, even on other brands or machines not offered from the factory with AutoTrac.

Get an integrated AutoTrac™ look and feel on machines that do not ship AutoTrac ready

AutoTrac Controller 300 is a customizable solution to deliver the benefits of AutoTrac on machines not already equipped with a guidance system.

Maintain your original cab experience without blocking gauges, hearing extra noise, or hitting your legs on steering wheel add-ons.

It is available for tractors with open or closed center hydraulics.

  • Three valve options to fit your needs:
    • Open-center (185-cc) valves are common on utility and small row-crop tractors.
    • Standard closed-center (200-cc) valves are common on row-crop tractors
    • Large closed-center (1200-cc) valves are common on articulated four-wheel drive (4WD) tractors.