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G5 Advanced Package
John Deere G5 Displays come with optional 1- or 3-year license options that bundle some of Deere’s most advanced precision ag tools.
  • Add even more precision and automation to your G5 Display
  • Bundles advanced precision ag tools into one easily renewable license
  • Set up for easy adoption of future autonomous technologies
  • Improve ease and accuracy of every pass by choosing the package tailored to your machine
  • Choose from either 1- or 3-year license options
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Technology that takes you to the next level

The G5 Advanced Package  gives you five fewer worries throughout the year. As these flexible and affordable technologies become more valuable over time, your farm will stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and comfort.

  1. Forget guidance line management: Turn your planter or strip till pass into an AutoPath™ blueprint for in-field guidance for each job throughout the year
  2. Remove the "turn row rush": Let AutoTrac™ Turn Automation take over when you reach the end of a pass, controlling the turn, speed of your machine and implement functions
  3. Take the guesswork out of guess rows: AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance places your tool exactly where it needs to be, even on sidehills and around field contours and end rows
  4. Dominate in-field work with a clear view of what’s done and what’s left across multiple working machines with In-Field Data Sharing
  5. Crush chaos and increase your confidence in the field during harvest with combine and grain cart connectivity and control through Machine Sync

All of this can be done more precisely with less hardware. How? With the StarFire™ 7000 receiver and SF-RTK, you get RTK-like accuracy without an RTK radio or connection to an RTK tower network. Used together or separately, these technologies will  allow you to keep your hands-off the wheel and hands-on what matters most, whether that’s checking the quality of your seedbed or taking the incoming call from your family member.

Access foundational automation technology

Autonomous machines are on the horizon, but the future is now. The G5 Advanced Package is your foundation for autonomy, bringing  a new level of machine automation and precision to your field:

  • AutoPath™ is a powerful path planning tool that will benefit your farming operation throughout the year. This technology makes guidance line management seamless and in-field operation more precise to exact  planted crop locations
  • AutoTrac™ Turn Automation eliminates the "end of row rush" by automating turns, the speed of your machine and implement functions (This technology is currently available on tractors only)
  • AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance makes in-field accuracy possible during a planting or tillage cycle when the implement commands the tractor to the correct location  to stay on the guidance line
  • SF-RTK connectivity provides our highest level of accuracy in the field,  and enables the full automation portfolio to operate with precision performance no matter the job at hand

The G5 Advanced Package provides these valuable capabilities at a lower up-front cost that allows farmers to pay only for what their farm needs with the confidence and expectation that these tools will get better over time. These tools will help farmers cover more acres in less time with less stress.

Licenses are easy to manage

With a lower up-front cost to unlock the G5 Advanced Package, it’s easier and lower risk to explore what these technologies can do for your operation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Machine specific tools are available to you, so you only pay for what your farm needs
  • Having machine specific tools eliminates the stress of differing license expiration dates and renewals for specific technologies on the same machine
  • SF-RTK accuracy and the advanced precision ag applications are combined into one easy license structure

Seamless license management makes  purchase and startup easy each year,because when it just works, you can just work on the things that matter most

Pay for the technology that perfects crop production

The G5 Advanced Package takes the most advanced John Deere precision ag technologies and bundles them, so you can purchase the products that make your job at hand easier, without paying for functionality that doesn’t fit the machine and job. After all, the power is in the package. Here’s what we mean by that:


The G5 Advanced Package for combines includes AutoPath™, Machine Sync, and In-Field Data Sharing but it does not AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance as that tool is not relevant in a harvest operation. This machine specific package ensures that the value received matches the product price and capabilities for that specific job at hand..


Learn more about the products available in each license here.

Capture the entire precision tech solution

Start utilizing core precision ag technologies at a reduced cost by using a machine specific license that is packaged with the accuracy level needed to achieve high-quality  product performance.

  • With SF-RTK, you can meet correction signal accuracy requirements for products like AutoPath™ and AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance with one simple license
  • No separate activations or subscriptions are required to renew the correction signal to continue to perform at an advanced level of accuracy