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John Deere Warranty Information

John Deere Warranty

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Warranty Statements

Warranty Registration
Registration for John Deere equipment purchased from an authorized John Deere dealer is handled by the dealer, and requires no further effort on your part. However, if you purchased John Deere equipment from Lowe's or The Home Depot and did not fill out a warranty registration card at the time of purchase, you can register your products online.

Frequently Asked Questions About John  Deere Warranty
Have a question about the warranty of your John Deere equipment? You may find the answer in our Warranty FAQs.

Agricultural Equipment

The Warranty for new John Deere agricultural and turf equipment ("Warranty") is set forth in a separate document provided by the dealer.

You may also request a Warranty by calling John Deere directly at 1-866-993-3373 (for Ag Equipment) or 1-800-537-8233 (for Turf Equipment).

John Deere Parts Warranty