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John Deere Combine Model year 2013 Improvements

John Deere Combine

Model year 2013 S-Series Combine and header refinement updates (Revised 31-Aug-2012)
Model year 2013 John Deere S-Series Combines, 600 Series Platforms, and headers continue to deliver innovative technology, distinctive quality, unmatched reliability, and definitive performance. Changes and updates have been made specifically to the model year 2013 600 Series Corn Heads and S-Series Combines to continue to refine and improve our products and to offer our customers the excellence and service they expect with John Deere.
600C Corn Heads
RowSense sensors
Factory-installed AutoTrac™ RowSense™ option with 600C Corn Heads
The Autotrac RowSense attachment is available as a factory-installed option for 600C Corn Heads from Harvester Works. For shipping reasons, the row feelers will not be installed, but all the other components including sensors, harnesses, and brackets will be installed at the factory requiring only the row feelers to be installed in the field.
AutoTrac RowSense activation
S-Series Combines
Factory-installed AutoTrac RowSense activation for S-Series Combines
The AutoTrac RowSense activation is included as a factory-installed option. This change allows the AutoTrac RowSense activation to be included in the SF1 or SF2 AutoTrac complete options. This simplifies the ordering process for AutoTrac and RowSense on the S-Series combines. With the option for AutoTrac RowSense feelers being factory-installed with 600C Corn Heads, it has never been easier.
StarFire™ 1 AutoTrac activation for S-Series Combines
SF1 AutoTrac activated in-field
The SF1 AutoTrac complete option has been added to the AMS ordering section in the S-Series Combine Price Pages. For those customers that desire SF1 AutoTrac accuracy for their harvesting, this change provides a less costly alternative to the AutoTrac options. Customers that do not require 4-in. pass-to-pass accuracy such as harvesting standing crops or belt-pickup applications will appreciate the SF1 option. The SF1 AutoTrac complete activation is factory-installed and no additional subscription expense will be required.
Improved chopper drive access latch
Chopper drive access latch
All S660-S690 Combines will have a single-turn chopper door latch. This replaces the previous two-latch system and will increase the ability to quickly open the chopper drive access door to change chopper speeds.
Thick skin rotor on all wide body machines
Also new for model year 2013, all S660 and S690 Combines will have the thick-skin TriStream™ rotor as base configuration. There will still be the option for regular wear or extended wear and also the ability to add dense pack elements.
Increased tire options for John Deere Combines in Region 4
Combine tire
To continue to provide complete support flexibility for dealers and our customers, John Deere has incorporated the following  tire updates:
  • Steer tires:
    • Combining steer tire codes  6626 750/65R26 R1W 166A8 (Firestone® or Michelin) and 6634 28LR26 R1W 169A8 (Goodyear® only)
    • Combining steer tire codes 6620 620/75R26 R1W 166A8 (Goodyear or Michelin) and 6632 23.1LR26 R1 166A8 (Firestone only)
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